“Often the invisible is not seen, but I assure you it exists,
I work with it.”


Jewelry can be fairy tales, dreams, and enchanted desires.
The way Elisabetta Rossini names her creations carries you to a wondrous world where anything is possible.
“Enchanted Mountain, Sleeping Medusa, Starflower, Pink Venus, Golden Atoll, Stone Tower, Sea Bark, and Fecundity”: are just some of her rings which, married to their shapes, form magical unions. Each ring, bracelet, earring, or necklace, made with natural stones, is set in various embraces and has a unique message that briefly, but unequivocally describes its intrinsic power.

Elisabetta Rossini’s jewelry is true “JEWELRY OF THE SOUL”.
It’s born from the soul: from a vision and perception of marvelous worlds and parallel universes where contact with the materials is an invitation to exchange their respective energies.


In her workshop soul and feeling shape unique forms. She has chosen not to use software or industrial processes that are the norm in today’s jewelry industry. Every piece is completely hand made. Each one is therefore slightly different which increases its uniqueness and value.

Her preferred technique is lost-wax casting. She also works directly with metals, often mixing them to obtain new colors and unusual effects. This jewelry, because of the way it’s created and its generating philosophy, transmits to whoever wears it the warmth and energy of the source of inspiration.

The Artist

Elisabetta Rossini, originally from Bologna, is an architect and art history teacher who, in 2000,“gave up” her professional career and dedicated herself to her passion for “creating jewelry” that, using its form and materials, transmits the energy of our souls. Her plan seemed surreal but Elisabetta has always designed objects following her intensely personal “visions”.

From design to the “realization” Elisabetta is completely self-taught. Meanwhile, she’s continued her studies in order to combine her technique and inner vision.


If it is true that form is also substance, taking in hand and wearing Elisabetta Rossini’s creations with attention will out the hidden messages in their form. They will reveal potent archetypes which will send you images which come from deep inside all of us. Her pieces are not a fashion but a method by which we reveal ourselves to others. They are created to cure the soul; to build an invisible magnetic bridge to a place where one can rest and collect one’s strength and individuality.


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